DM Andrews

2017 Update

I think it only fair to update my fans… I am not currently writing. I have other things in my life I must attend to with some urgency. I am hoping to get back to writing in 2019. I have some plans for a sequel

random acts of kindness journal

My Random Acts of Kindness Journal

I would like to announce that I have published my first-ever journal. Hey, what can I say? I like to be diverse… Check it out at

Middle-Grade Promotion 4-7th January 2016

The Serpent in the Glass (which is currently free on Kindle) is featured in a promotion organised by author Andrea Pearson. Let me turn the floor over to her… “I’m excited about this promotion because it’s geared to one of my favorite audiences: middle-grade readers!

DM Andrews

Mind-bloggling & Happy New Year

First of all, a Happy New Year! I’ve spent far too long this week trying to set up this WordPress blog. I find WordPress far from intuitive. I wonder if there’s a WordPress Lite for those of us whose brains clearly work very differently to