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DM Andrews

2017 Update

I think it only fair to update my fans… I am not currently writing. I have other things in my life I must attend to with some urgency. I am hoping to get back to writing in 2019. I have some plans for a sequel

random acts of kindness journal

My Random Acts of Kindness Journal

I would like to announce that I have published my first-ever journal. Hey, what can I say? I like to be diverse… Check it out at

The Serpent in the Glass – report on latest promotion

Almost five years ago I self-published my first work of fiction, a middle-grade fantasy entitled The Serpent in the Glass. During the first year or two it had some great sale peaks, but for the last few years it has been declining to the point

Middle-Grade Promotion 4-7th January 2016

The Serpent in the Glass (which is currently free on Kindle) is featured in a promotion organised by author Andrea Pearson. Let me turn the floor over to her… “I’m excited about this promotion because it’s geared to one of my favorite audiences: middle-grade readers!

DM Andrews

Mind-bloggling & Happy New Year

First of all, a Happy New Year! I’ve spent far too long this week trying to set up this WordPress blog. I find WordPress far from intuitive. I wonder if there’s a WordPress Lite for those of us whose brains clearly work very differently to