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The inspiration behind Song Child

My interest in Slavic culture and myths began in earnest in 2020 after I started listening to folk (and other) songs from that part of the world. Having had an interest in folklore and myth, chiefly Irish and Norse, since childhood, it was perhaps inevitable that I then immersed myself in the Slavic mythos too.

I'd glanced at Slavic mythology in books before — back when it was more popular to call it Slavonic mythology — and been intrigued (and perhaps a little frightened!) by the very dark and rustic creatures that inhabit it, but it wasn't until recently that I took time to research it more thoroughly.

Song Child was born from a fusion of my growing love for this mythos and my admiration for the unique talent of the Russian vocalist Diana Ankudinova, upon whom the central character of the book is based.

I intend to post more about specific elements of Song Child, including the Slavic myths it incorporates, in the near future. Stay tuned.


image based on cover of Song Child by DM Andrews