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Have any questions or comments? Use this form to contact me at any time. Feel free to use the prompts below if you have feedback on a book:

  • Did you feel confused or jarred at any point?
  • Any questions you feel were not resolved by the end?
  • Was the humour significant enough to make you chuckle?
  • Were you moved emotionally in some parts?
  • Did the story feel complete?
  • Was it satisfying or did you feel cheated?
  • Anything you feel should have been included that wasn't?
  • Anything you feel should have been excluded, that wasn't necessary?
  • Did it come across that the story was being told in the voice of the POV character - from his perspective?
  • Did you feel the main character had changed by the end of the story, improved his attitude, etc?
  • Did you think the book appealed more to a certain age range?
  • Did the story seem to move too slowly at any point?
  • Did the story seem rushed at any point?
  • Did any of the main characters seem too cardboard?
  • Did the story seem plausible? Any points that seemed too unbelievable?
  • Was there too much cliche?
  • Did the chosen Point of View work?
  • How was the dialogue?
  • How was the description?
  • Was there enough description? Too little? Too much?
  • What did you think of the cover? Did it suit the story/audience?
  • What did you think of the font, font size and layout?
  • Did you read the physical book or ebook?