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One persistent group of enemies in Song Child is the rusalki. In Slavic folklore, a rusalka was a woman who had either died a violent death in water or committed suicide in water. These malevolent night-time creatures haunted rivers, lakes, pools of ...
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mester stoor worm from Visions of Alba by DM Andrews
Myth and Fantasy
“The peculiar quality of the ‘joy’ in successful Fantasy can thus be explained as a sudden glimpse of the underlying reality of truth.” Since my childhood, I've had an interest in myth, folklore, folk tales, and even legends — not in the mythos ...
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The inspiration behind Song Child
My interest in Slavic culture and myths began in earnest in 2020 after I started listening to folk (and other) songs from that part of the world. Having had an interest in folklore and myth, chiefly Irish and Norse, since childhood, it was perhaps in...
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